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  • 1st Friend: You are such a whore
  • Me: I'm innocent
  • 2nd Friend: Innocent has no D because the D is in you


*points to favorite character* bisexual

*fandom crying loudly* no…stop……theyre not….they either homogay or heterostraight…..please don’t….

*points to favorite character again* love that bisexual


I am quite happy with Lydia’s progression tbh. While not the most generous it is the most realistic.

She wants to help and has the power to but doesn’t know how. She trying her best but not getting the results she wants and is just feeling so useless because of it. She is trying to hone her skills but its not as straightforward as any of her friend’s abilities. Her journey isn’t as simple as wanting to or googling banshee, its an honest struggle and she’s suffering because of it but she doesn’t give up.

I’m sure a big part of it is because Lydia is a perfectionist and has this desire to be the best. The thing about it though? she wants to be the best banshee she can be. She wants to be the most helpful person she can be. She wants to prove to herself that she belongs with her friends. 

She is just such a powerful character for so many reasons and I could not love her more than I do

So I may I shirked work a little bit and watched TW.

Lydia Martin has a hard life. All this girl wants to do is be able to help people. She wants to help her friends and master her powers and be in control but its just so hard (hello teenage high school metaphor). I am happy however to see that Meradith was able to cause Lydia’s ears to bleed however because that implies that Banshee powers can he honed for defensive/offensive use.

Malia Tate is amazing. She is so real and so straight forward and so perceptive in crucial moments because she goes on instinct and I love it. 

Scott McCall is such a GOOD PERSON. Its simple but so accurate. Not only was he so dedicated to finding Liam and making sure that he was okay, he was genuinely upset to see Violet’s dead body. He’s worried about his Dad, he’s worried about his mom, he’s worried about his family’s financial situation, he’s worried about Kira and her mom. SCOTT MCCALL IS WORRIED ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ISSUE THAT PRESENTS ITSELF and to make things worst HE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY! I honestly can’t even get upset that he took the money because I get it. He didn’t even take the money for himself really. This is a boy who is literally walking around with the weight of the world on his shoulders and its just not fair.

Derek Hale makes me proud. He’s losing his powers and he’s in such a vulnerable place and he ASKED FOR HELP. Back in S1 - 3a Derek would have quicker died than willingly admit that he needed someone’s help as outright as he did with Malia this episode. Derek Hale is looking past himself to what needs to be done and it honestly just makes me love him more.

LIAM DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! This kid did not sign up for being kidnapped, stabbed, poisoned, left in a well and abandoned in the woods. He just wanted a fresh start and to be able to play Lacrosse. His life is in a really awkward place right now and I’m legit worried he’s not going to deal all too well. I want him to embrace the pack because it might actually help him get through this better but the pack is still the source of his issues. He’s just having a really hard time.

I’m honestly so in love with Teen Wolf. Each season it just gets better and better and these characters just grow.


Petition for Scott McCall haters to only address him by Mr. or Alpha McCall. Y’all are not fam. 

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