Lone Tiger's Thoughts
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Elijah’s peace while fragile was sensible. Klaus’ plans with the wolves was of no real threat to the peace, it was an insurance plan.

Marcel is so bitter and power hungry that he would rather incite a war and watch so many die than just let peace be had. He is the problem here.


Imagine bucky buying a pack of avengers-themed underwear as a joke. He makes fun of them loudly and leaves them around the tower for the others to find, and it’s funny until the night that tony convinces the team to play strip poker. Bucky forgets that he’s wearing the captain america boxers until his pants are off. 

he never lives it down.


"Whenever I sing a Disney song I just realise it doesn't work unless I've got a choir of singing African animals to back me up...." (x)




why isn’t Sam/Steve ship called American Airlines

thank you for riding

Oh my God,

There’s a lunar eclipse tonight and I don’t have anyone to watch with

Kawahara Reki’s Heroes and Heroines + Quotes

Be the person H.Y.D.R.A. would see as a threat.